Revive Bladder Support


Doctor's notes: "Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is leaking of urine during physical activity that increases abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise. It is a VERY common problem that sooo many women face! If you are dealing with this common concern Revive just may be a game changer for you! It's safe, easy to use, reusable, avoids surgery and is reasonably priced. One of my favorite options to to help women get their lives back!" - Dr. Janet

Revive helps reduce leaks that occur from physical activities like running and jumping and aids in reducing leaks that occur from coughing, laughing and sneezing. Each box contains a months supply that helps reduce leaks for up to 12 hours per day.

This easy-to-use bladder support provides confidence and freedom from leaks. Just place it and go about your day. Regain control of your life! Revive is simple to use with no messy or smelly pads.


  • Supports bladder leaks from inside out
  • Doctor / Ob/Gyn approved
  • No prescription needed
  • Clinically tested in the USA
  • Clinically shown to reduce leaks
  • FDA Authorized and HSA/FSA-eligible
  • One Month supply
  • No sizing required
  • Inserts similarly to a tampon
  • Nearly 77% of women who tried Revive found it to be an ideal bladder leakage solution that improved their stress urinary incontinence condition and overall quality of life.

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