Silicone lubricants are probably most loved because they are so long-lasting, they have a smooth glide and don’t dry out during sex. They work well in water (bath sex) and unlike oil based products, can be used with latex condoms.

Care should be taken with them because they can be difficult to wash off from linens and clothes.  Be sure to cleanse skin after use as they can  leave a slightly sticky residue. Water-based lubricants clean up easily, but they do dry out more quickly.

Using a silicone-water hybrid lubricant may reduce some of the clean up delema while maintaining endurance.  Still not quite as slick as pure silicone, hybrid lubricants are a definite step up from water-based products in terms of staying power and feel, and are generally much easier to clean up.

If you are using a device or toy made of silicone, these lubes may not be the best choice. Over time, silicone containing lubes can react with the silicone devices and make their surface feel tacky, in effect ruining them. If you're using these lubes you're better off with a body safe porcelain toy.




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