Personal lubricants can make sex and masturbation feel so much better by calming any discomforts from dryness. But with so many options available including water, silicone, oil, and hybrid formulas deciding on a lube can be surprisingly overwhelming.
Water-based lubes are generally a great choice for everyone because they are simple to use and can be used in practically any activity. The main downside to water-based lubes is they don't tend to last as long during sexual activity and wouldn't be a good choice for shower sex because they'd just wash away. But there are a number of advantages to water-based lubes.
They usually leave minimal residue and won't stain your sheets. They're also generally non allergenic and an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. They are safe for use with silicone devices, latex and non latex condoms, And they can be used for all of your sexual needs: penetrative sex, masturbation, and sex toy play.
Want to try one out for yourself? Check out the best water-based lubricants above.

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