Mission Statement         

At the Intimate Wellness Shop our purpose is to help women with difficult or lackluster intimacy tap into and maintain complete self-love and astonishing sex lives.
When we love ourselves we can set healthy boundaries, foster balanced relationships and take pride in who we are. A flourishing sex life can reduce stress, support fitness and contribute to an improved quality of life.
Through a wide range of trusted products, education and community we help customers to stop settling for painful and disappointing intimate health, treasure their natural magnificence and enjoy phenomenal confident pleasure. 


Our Core Values

Self-love - Self-Love is the knowledge that I am beautiful just as I am, the understanding that “flaws” are natural variations that make me uniquely human, the awareness that I am worthy of good things just because I exist, the practice of grace and kindness toward myself and the recognition that I inherently deserve health and pleasure.
Intimate Freedom - Intimate Freedom is power over our own bodies, it is having a  voice in our relationships, it is the right to express ourselves sexually as we please without barriers, and the privilege to dictate our own brand of pleasure.
Equity - Equity is women, men and non-binary people all enjoying the full benefits of intimate pleasure and closing the orgasm gap.  
Diversity - Diversity is the inclusion of people of all walks of life in the quest for intimate health and pleasure. It is the awareness that we are all unique and that there is no one size fits all when it comes to sexuality, sexual health and wellness.
Variety - Variety is using all the tools, products and knowledge available to safely improve intimate health and wellness. It is utilizing not only western medicine and pharmaceutical options to provide solutions but also looking to alternative medicine, folk medicine and cultural practices to bring about positive changes in sex and intimacy.




Founded by Dr. Janet Williams, M.D. a women doctor specialized in Ob/Gyn who knows intimate health and wellness. All of our products are curated by doctors.