Understanding the anatomy of clitoris

Clitoris is indeed the most sensitive part of the female genitalia. It is very sensitive and full of nerve endings. The clitoris plays an important role in sexual desire and health. To understand the sex drive we need to understand what initiates this ‘drive’ or the urge to have sex. Well this is all related with the brain. Your brain initiates a response to a stimulus that in the form of hormones which stimulate production of oestrogen and initiates the sexual drive. Now this biochemical pathway is initiated by a strong stimulus. Clitoral stimulation is one of the most important parts of a satisfying sexual experience for women.

What is the use of a clitoral balm?

Clitoral balms have both physiological and biochemical significance. The clitoris is highly vascular, that means providing gentle massages to the clitoris improves circulation around that region and this is very helpful for the nourishment of the pelvic muscles and this helps prepare your vagina for intercourse. The biochemical advantage of using the clitoral balm involves the sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris. Stimulation to this area sends quite a strong signal to the brain which then responds with an increase in oestrogen production. Increased oestrogen means that the lubrication of the vulva will be better as the mucous layer will remain intact. Now, we see that clitoral balm has an advantage in improving overall genital health. From muscle to sexual health, the clitoris is absolutely vital. This is true for those of us dealing with aging as well. Being aware of the biology of the clitoris is important in giving it the care and attention it needs.

Why to maintain intimate area

There is a common saying in order to be young you need to feel young’. A healthy sex life can help you achieve this. Caring for your intimate areas is crucial to maintain health and vitality as you age.