September 25, 2021

Sexual and reproductive health is such a big part of our lives that intimate wellness should be a serious focus in our ~self-care~ routines. When you are adding products, supplements, or toys to your sexual wellness, you want to know what is going to be safe and most effective for you. Of course, seeing an obstetrician gynecologist is the best way to do it… However, that’s not always a feasible option.

That’s why two women founded the Intimate Wellness Shop. As ob/gyn doctors, these two women know the issues and challenges of reproductive and sexual health firsthand. The Intimate Wellness Shop is the reflection of their knowledge, made to be accessible to all and shame-free. It’s the premiere source for top-tier, best-of-the-best products for sexual wellness that are curated by doctors with over 30 years of experience in healthcare. Basically, it’s (almost) like seeing an ob/gyn! 

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The Intimate Wellness Shop even has books and materials to share accurate information on sexual and reproductive health. Products can only do so much, and being educated on your body is just as important as cleansers, toys, and gels. The Intimate Wellness Shop has the answers to your questions about painful sex, self-love, trying something new, and more!

Whatever you may need for your sexual wellness, the best place to go for top-tier products and trusted information is the Intimate Wellness Shop.