Aging and Skin Darkening.

For many people aging comes with darkening of the intimate skin. There are a number of reason this happens. One reason is an increased in deposits of melanin in the affected skin cells. Factors such as hormonal changes, inflammation and aging itself can increase melanin in the skin. Another cause of intimate skin darkening is the presence of dead skin cells. Layers of skin can accumulate and cause  an overall discoloration. This may result in uneven skin tone on the intimate areas of the body. Understanding the natural changes that occur in our bodies with age and other factors, can help us learn how to manage and cope with them.

Use of Buff and Brighten Pads...Are they effective?

Will Buff and Brighten pads reduce melanin deposition? Well, not directly but if inflammation is kept at a minimum it will decrease the amount of melanin that the body produces in response to the inflammation. Avoiding harsh chemicals and other irritants can help with this as well.

How do Body Exfoliating Pads work?

Body exfoliating pads work to reduce darkening skin mainly by blocking dead skin cell build up and decreasing inflammation. Inflammation and irritation caused by razors, harsh chemicals and hormone related changes can be soothed by the herbal ingredients in the Buff and Brighten pads. The body exfoliating pads also gently remove dead skin cells preventing dead skin build up. If you're looking to brighten and rejuvenate your vulva, these exfoliating pads are a simple, natural and healthy way to achieve a great result.

A final word on skincare...

Dark skin and variations in skin tone are beautiful. We celebrate our differences and all the things that make us unique. We also believe in intimate care options that help people look and feel their best. And that may mean different things for different people. Exfoliating and brightening are not necessarily for everyone. But, if you are looking for a natural way to exfoliate intimate skin, combat skin darkening and maintain your vulvar health, consider Buff and Brighten Exfoliating Pads. They are a great option for keeping refreshed and rejuvenated without the side effects associated with harsh chemical skin brighteners.

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