Aging and skin darkening.

For some people a part of the aging process is skin darkening around the intimate areas of the body. One reason for this is increased deposits of melanin in the affected skin cells. This is a completely normal and natural process. Another cause of intimate skin darkening is the presence of dead skin. Layers of skin can accumulate and cause  an overall discoloration. This may result in uneven skin tone on the intimate areas of your body. It is important to Understanding the natural changes that occur in our bodies with age, can help us learn how to manage and cope with them.

Use of Buff and Brighten pads...Are they effective?

Will they reduce melanin deposition? No! This melanin is a natural and normal part of aging. There is no natural way to reduce the amount of melanin in your skin. However the there are some natural steps you can take to cleanse yourself of the dead skin that contributes to darkness. It is the part of biological process and it is important to approach with care and after doing your research. Harsh chemical procedures can cause damage and discomfort to your most intimate areas. Buff and brighten pads are a natural way to combat skin darkening while maintaining vulvar health. These buff and brightening pads leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated without the side effects associated with other skin brighteners.

How body exfoliating pads work?

Dead skin cells deposit over time and small abrasions caused by razors can cause darkening as well. There is nothing wrong with variations in skin tone or even darkening over time. These are all a part of the body’s natural processes. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. Body exfoliating pads gently remove dead skin cells. The herbal ingredients help to soothe and heal the irritation cause by razor use. If you're looking to brighten and rejuvenate your vulva, these exfoliating pads are a simple, natural and healthy way to achieve a great result.

A final word on skincare...

Aging is a natural biological process and the changes that happen as a result of aging are also normal. It is important that as we age we also take extra care of our bodies and our health. Buff and Brighten exfoliating pads are a perfect way to care for your body and show yourself some love.