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Doctor's Notes: "Many people have allergies or sensitivities to the lubricants and spermicides that are in many of the common condoms on the market. Non-lubricated condoms like the Amour Propre condoms from Glissant are a fantastic and simple solution for this problem." -Dr. Janet

Know what you're putting in down there!


  • Non-lubricated (dry)
  • Ideal for those with sensitivity or allergy to lubricated condoms
  • FDA approved for disease and pregnancy prevention
  • Standard thickness
  • 4 inch circumference x 8 inch length
  • Straight
  • Smooth
  • Reservoir tip
  • Natural color
  • 10 count


Directions: Spray water-based lubricant once or twice on the inside of condom before unrolling to make sliding the condom on easier. After condom is on, apply water-based lubricant and rub all over the outside of condom to reduce friction. Less friction means less tearing and infections and less risk of condom breakage...enjoy!


*Not compatible with oil-based lubricants!

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