Silicone Nipple Covers Medium Tone


Nip that T.H.O in the bud when going braless or wearing an unpadded bra. Bestselling Nippies Skin is made with new exclusive ultra-thin Invisifeel™ matte silicone for the smoothest coverage possible. A fave of all types of women; developing teens, the fashionably hip, working professionals, and cool grannies (seriously), Nippies Skin is our version of a wardrobe classic – it goes with anything, anytime, anywhere.

Other silicone nipple covers can be thick, bumpy, and end up looking like “puffy” nipples. The exclusive design of Nippies Skin is circular and slightly larger with thin edges that extend beyond the nipple for a seamless transition into skin. Voila…invisible coverage you can’t find anywhere else!• Wear white without giving people an eye full.



  • A slinky silky dress is perfectly paired with this smooth silicone.
  • Work out without nipping out in gyms with AC.
  • Exclusive matte flash-proof finish.
  • Invisifeel™ silicone is soft, smooth and flexible
  • Semi-transparent silicone blends into multiple skin tones
  • Ultra-thin with tapered edges eliminates ridges and bumps
  • “Paparazzi-proof” matte finish won’t reflect light through clothing
  • Packaged in a chic, faux crocodile skin compact for women on the go
  • Continuously washable and reusable
  • 1 pair per pack


Perfect when a traditional bra wont work under low cut styles.
Washable and reusable 20-30 times if properly cared for.
Once adhesive wears off Nippies form to curves using body heat and light suction. They can then be worn with bras and tight tops for added coverage


Available in 2 sizes

  • Size A-C (3 inch diameter)
  • Size D and Up (4.24 inch diameter)


Apply Nippies Skin to clean and dry skin. Nippies Skin will not stick if they are dirty or your skin is oily.

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