Ohnut Pain Relief Intimate Wearable


"Ohnut is a wonderful option to address pain with intercourse. For women with sensitivities on deep penetration this wearable is particularly helpful. Some women can feel when their cervix is reached during intercourse and for some it is painful. Ohnut helps the penetrating partner to have full sensation while avoiding discomfort and pain from deep penetration" - Dr. Janet

Ohnut is an intimate wearable that can help you manage and even eliminate pain during sex by allowing you to easily customize how deep penetration goes. Worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (e.g. on their shaft or on a toy), Ohnut compresses down to act as a soft buffer during sex.

It's designed to feel just like skin. It’s so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it’s there. Each set comes with 4 linking rings that allow you to make simple adjustments, so you and your partner can not only discover comfort but also what depths feel really good—for both of you.

Explore adding and removing rings at any time with any position, so that both you and your partner to focus on what matters most - connection, enjoyment and fun.


  • Comes with 4 soft rings, travel pouch, and clever conversation starters
  • Ohnut width stretches to 8in (20.3cm), and height of 4 rings is 2 ¾ in (7cm) tall
  • FDA approved body-safe material
  • BPA, phthalate, and latex free



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