Premium Ultra Thin Latex Condoms 12 count

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Say no to toxic chemicals and toxic relationships with Lovability Premium Ultra Thin Latex Condoms  These all vegan condoms are free of harsh spermicides, dyes, fragrances, or chemical irritants.  
  • 12 premium ultra-thin male condoms in easy-open, no-tear "buttercup" wrappers
  • FDA 510(k) approved
  • Electronically, triple-tested for safety
  • 100% natural, vegan latex
  • Smooth, long-lasting silicone lubrication
  • Free of dyes, fragrances, irritating chemicals & spermicide
  • No parabéns, gluten, PEG's, benzocaine or detectable nitrosamines
  • Intuitive, right-side-up wrappers to roll on the right way every time
  • Fits penis sizes medium to large (57mm wide x 190 mm long)
  • Packaging made from 100% recyclable paper

Lovability Condoms are good for 5 years from the date they are manufactured. You can find the expiration date conveniently identified on the back label of each condom as well as the secondary packaging in which the condoms are sold.


Ingredients:  All-natural rubber latex (80.17%), Hypo-allergenic silicone oil (18.12%), Corn starch & magnesium carbonate powder (1.71%) * All natural rubber latex tapped fresh (80.17%) * Silicone oil, a hypo-allergenic, long-lasting lubricant of the highest grade (18.12%) * Corn starch & magnesium carbonate powder (1.71%), a natural material taken from corn kernels and inorganic material. Corn starch helps keep the latex from sticking to itself and make it easier to unroll, and the magnesium carbonate improves the tensile strength of the natural-latex rubber.

Length: Condoms are 7.4" long (unstretched), but have the capacity to stretch to over 15" long. They fit medium and large penises quite comfortably. For shorter penises, the condoms can still fit effectively; just don't unroll the condom all the way. The unrolled portion of the condom will sit like a ring on the base of the penis.

Width: Condoms are 2.2" wide. If a condom is loose around the base of the penis, it is too large and can slip off during intercourse. Make sure the condom fits snugly before use. Similar in size to a 'size large' Trojan condom. They are a few millimeters shy of a Trojan Magnum condom in both length and width. They fit a large variety of penises comfortably because the latex is so thin and stretchy.

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