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Why Don't I Like Sex Anymore? Signed Copy


Can you imagine how awesome it would be to get intimate with total confidence and have amazing pleasure again? Navigating your sex life over 40 can be overwhelming. It's hard to understand all of the changes that are happening with your body, mood and emotions. It’s even more difficult to find reliable solutions if your health care professionals are too busy to really listen, don’t understand your background, are judgmental or just simply don’t have any real answers for your specific intimate concerns. This book is a detailed guide to conquering the changes that occur after 40, activating your magic and getting back to an amazing sex life. 

As an experienced Ob/Gyn with over 20 years in clinical practice Dr. Williams has helped thousands of women transform their sexual health. With this book Author Janet Williams, MD helps you map your way back to satisfying pleasure. By reading this book you will:
  • Rediscover your mojo and get moving on your sex bucket list.

  • Ditch the ridiculous over 40 stigmas and get your groove on right now.

  • Put your body back in balance and get busy enjoying it again.

  • Wake up the sensual queen that lives within you.

  • Find what’s really holding you back from the pleasure you deserve.

  • Ask for exactly what you want in your intimate life and get it.

  • Learn the secret language your doctor speaks and step back on track with your sexual health. 

  • Complete your sexual interest assessment and build your optimal pleasure toolbox.

If you're ready to finally get control of your body and reclaim the fantastic sex life that is your natural right, get your copy today!

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